What To Wear To Your Engagement Session

The location of your photos are important but what you are wearing is almost more important. Here are a few tips + tricks I've put together on what to wear to your photoshoot!

1. Be True To Yourself.

I’m listing this first because it’s important. Photoshoots are a time to dress up, do your makeup and pamper yourself BUT it’s important to also stay true to you. Don’t feel like you NEED to have airbrushed makeup and eyelash extensions - if you’re somebody who prefers to have a natural look. Don’t feel the pressure to buy $400 worth of clothes - unless you really do want to go on shopping spree - then go for it! But essentially, do what YOU feel beautiful in, what YOU feel represents you the best. Years down the road, these photos aren’t going to be reflected by how many “likes” you received on Facebook or how many comments on Instagram… they are going to be the photos that your grandchildren look back on to see who you were at this age. They are going to be the photos YOU look at to reflect on your greatest memories. Stay true to YOU are what YOU feel confident in.

Okay, so the sappy (but important!) stuff is out of the way - let’s talk about some color theory & textures.

Color Theory Wheel Rainbow

2. Color Theory - For Couples

Color theory is the concept on how colors go together. There’s a lot to this regarding primary, secondary and tertiary colors BUT we will keep it simple. (Feel free to Google search this theory because it really is fascinating.)

Example: You want to look at a color wheel and choose two complementary colors to work off of (colors directly opposite from each other on the wheel). You can do this with four colors as well, with four colors equally opposite of each other. Then, to create a color scheme, simply look at the colors below each color you selected. This shows what colors tend to go together and harmonize better together. Back in the early 2000s, having identical outfits or all white T-shirts was the style but it’s 2018 and that ship has sailed. Now, you want to accent each other and complement each other. (Again, this is NOT an absolute and DO NOT let this stress you out, but if you want a place to start for his and hers outfits, this is a great place.) 

Favorite Colors to Photograph: Deep Reds, Deep Greens, Dark Yellows (tan to darker skin tones work really well for dark yellows).

Fun fact: Photos that have a “blue” color scheme tend to be loved by people more because the color blue is associated with trust, calmness, depth, stability, power, health, strength, oceans, the sky.


3. One Formal - One Casual.

This is the recommendation I give my couples + seniors, bring as many outfits as you would like BUT I highly recommend at least two, one being formal and one being casual. I have a Pinterest Board you can follow for outfit ideas that I personally love, but again, wear what YOU feel best in with YOUR body and personality.

Formal ideas: Long, flowy dresses. (Deep reds photograph really well, as mentioned earlier.) I love the floral rompers that flow into dresses. Guys can wear nice pants and a button up - even add suspenders if it fits their style.

Casual ideas: By casual I don’t mean sweatpants and a t-shirt. Moreso, your favorite ripped jeans with your favorite tshirt.. maybe even a cool jacket. These outfits work perfectly for when we do coffee shop locations, piggy-back ride poses, your everyday life posing. (Avoid: Stripes)


4. Textures, Lengths + Tones

Knitted sweaters with thick stitches, tulle skirts, fake fur, long dresses with sequins, light & airy dresses that flow easily, lace… all of those things photograph REALLY well. Having a bit of texture to your outfit adds to the shot. Long + flowy dresses usually work best and work well with the wind.

5. Accessorize

Accessories can help add a bit of diversity to shots! We can do some without the accessories and some with- creating a completely different look. I LOVE hats, flower crowns, watches, diamond headpieces, cool sunglasses, regular glasses, statement necklaces, jackets, unusual shoes.

Another great tip is to have a pop of color that matches HIS accessory.

Example: His red tie and your red lipstick or your blue shoes and his blue hat.

6. Don’t Be Afraid!

Don’t be afraid to try something out of the box. Even if this is something you don’t wear on a typical basis, it’s okay to play dress-up a little. I typically wear darker, neutral colors but for photos it’s great to have a bit of brightness (especially for winter and spring shoots). Let this be your chance to try something new out.

7. Don’t Overthink It!

Like I mentioned earlier, don’t feel pressured to wear a dress if that isn’t you. Don’t worry about spending a ton of money on a new look.. these are just some pointers but the most important thing is to photograph you both, as you are. If your favorite version of yourself is your Sunday morning pajamas.. let’s do an in-home engagement capturing exactly that.

8. What Are Your Favorite Things?

This isn’t too much about what you are wearing, but we really try to push for our couples to do an activity during their session. Love coffee? Let’s do some in a coffee shop. If a specific location, date night hang-out or if a drink is your signature - let’s incorporate it! Love a sport? Let’s bring a jersey or go to the arena! Love picnics or long drives? Let’s have one during the session. If playing board games, cooking in your kitchen and playing with your puppy is your favorite activity to do… let’s head to your house (or rent an airbnb!). The ideas are endless and we want these to be special to you. In retrospect, if you guys are a super laid back and chill couple, we don’t need all of the extras. Let’s meet at a park and I have a ton of ideas of my own to help make this session feel like a date night for you.

I hope these tips can help you for outfit ideas! Feel free to share your favorite outfit ideas or send this to an engaged friend! 

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