This isn't just a photoshoot.

I don’t want to just take photos of you smiling at the camera - I want to capture the parts of life that make this chapter what it is for you right now. I want to get the moment when your eyes light up when you look at what you love, the moment when your partner catches a glimpse of you, the joy in your smile when you are laughing - all of it. These photos, which might be fun to post online today, will later be held in the hands of loved ones. These photos will be the way that you look back on your favorite memories 30 years later. I understand that not everybody loves the camera. I also understand if you have never had your photos professionally taken before. My goal is to help you overcome any barrier or nervousness that comes with picture-taking because everybody deserves beautiful photos.

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I’m not just your vendor, you aren’t just my clients.

Your photographer is the person who is alongside you more than almost anybody else on your wedding day, you want to love them! Being a photographer often means being the second to find out when somebody is expecting, it means working alongside the same clients for over 10 years and sometimes it means being responsible for what could be the last photos ever taken of somebody. It’s important to build friendships, not clients. My job is to celebrate with you, make you comfortable and capture your story. I want every session to feel more like "date nights" and "hangouts" rather than the awkward studio sessions your parents made you do as a kid.


Is this a good fit?

I'm not exactly a photographer who follows a long shot list. We like to use a candid style in hopes that our photos document life and tell stories. However, if that’s your style it's completely okay! Finding the right photographer is a lot like online dating and if I’m not the photographer for you, I can help you find somebody who is. My biggest goal is to make people comfortable. I want you to have fun. Whether you are having a traditional church wedding or want to get married in a waterfall, my “style” is custom suited for YOUR needs. I love couples who want to break barriers and try new things - I also love couples who tend to stick to the book. If you feel like you think this might be a good fit - send me a message!