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I created athornsphoto in hopes of it becoming my ministry to spend the most important days of people's lives with them. It is my mission to be more than just a vendor, but to be friends with all of my couples, seniors and families. My gift isn't turning on a camera, but knowing how to see the beauty in whatever life throws at us. My style is a mix of rich & intimate, using natural light, shadows & raw emotions. I want every session to be custom-suited to each person, for my sessions to feel more like "date nights" and "hangouts" rather than the awkward studio sessions your Mom used to force you to do for the holidays. I'm not exactly a "light & airy" photographer who follows a shot list- but if that is your style it's completely okay! Finding the right photographer is a lot like online dating and I would love to help you find somebody else to be the perfect match for your vision.