I want every session to feel more like "date nights" and "hangouts" rather than an awkward school photo. I totally understand that not everybody loves the camera. I also understand if you have never had your photos professionally taken before. My goal is to help you overcome any barrier or nervousness that comes with picture-taking because everybody deserves beautiful photos. Our approach is a little more relaxed. We love incorporating some of your favorite things (like a pet or your favorite brunch spot!) into your session so that we can tell your story through our photos. We want to capture the parts of life that make this chapter what it is for you right now.


I’m not just a vendor - you aren’t just clients.

Being a photographer often means being the second to find out when somebody is expecting, it means working alongside the same families for over 10 years & sometimes it means being responsible for what could be the last photos ever taken of somebody. These photos will be the way that you look back on your favorite memories 40 years later. You aren’t just investing in photos - you are investing in a friend to celebrate your graduation, the birth of your first child, the wedding day of your dreams. I’m basically a professional third wheeler at this point. Need a sixth bridesmaid? A cheerleader? I am here as your friend, and as your photographer.


Think this is a good fit?

There isn’t a single session or wedding that is the same and it’s important to me to represent that. I love couples who want to break barriers and try new things - I also love couples who tend to stick to the book. Whether you are having a traditional wedding with 400 guests or an intimate elopement with just the two of you - I want to customize my approach to your needs. If you feel like this might be a good fit - send me a message! It’s okay if you have a lot of questions, I am here to help! The first step, even if you are unsure, is to just fill out the contact form. Give me some information about your story and we can figure out the rest together!