I was only 13 years old when I received my first camera and I vowed to only take photos of flowers and nature, until I took my first portrait. By 15 I was photographing my first wedding and when I turned 18 I photographed 40 of my classmates senior photos. I fell in love with portraits but was always told that art could not pay the bills so I went to college for another passion of mine, medicine. I graduated with my degree and applied to medical school, but in the waiting, I finally opened up my business. I put this business on the back-burner, even though I was taking photos every single day, because I was so afraid.

The day I decided to open a business, I spent a solid week online in forums, on Youtube, messaging other photographers and so forth just to find the first step in opening a business. I had 1,000 questions and ended up self-teaching 90% of it.

I want to be able to help future photographers, or even current photographers, in whatever area they need some work on. I am passionate about teaching and helping people chase their dreams, whether that means going full time or just to be able to take better photos on vacation.

These mentor sessions are custom suited to you. If you want somebody to just get coffee with (or Skype!) and talk about the ins and outs of photography, website design, owning a business, how to start, finding your editing style, social media advertising, how to use Lightroom, how to shoot in manual on a DSLR or anything in between - this might be a good option for you!

There is a ton of education out there and by no means do I think I am the best in this field but I am passionate and my biggest goal is to help others. I have two options for these mentorships. If you think this is something you might enjoy, send me a message and let’s work something out!

1 Hour Coffee (or Skype) Session | customized to you | 300

1 Hour Coffee (or Skype) Session, Mini Shoot with a real Client, a post-shoot Editing Session and a few headshots for you | 600