Five Tips To Nail Your Sparkler Exit!

Sparkler exits are exciting, pretty and overall make for some really cool photos. Here is a little blog on tips + tricks to nail your sparkler exit! 


1. Buy Extra Long Sparklers.

We've seen couples buy short sparklers, colored sparklers and dollar store sparklers. Overall, anything will work but to make it easiest for photos - we HIGHLY recommend the long ones. The dollar store ones tend to not light easily so only some of the sparklers are lit at a time - so while some are lit, the rest die out. The colored ones are really cool but tend to change the lighting situation for photos a lot (again, this isn't that big of an issue, but just a thought!). The long stems give everybody time to light them and give you more time for photo ops. You could even blend some long ones with heart - shaped ones! 

2. Buy Multiple Lighters.

The biggest downfall of sparkler exits is only having one or two lighters for 100+ guests. This goes back to the issue of - by the time everybody has a sparkler lit, half of them have already died out.


3. Check With Your Venue!

Drunk guests + fire don't always mix (with good reason) so venues tend to prohibit sparkler exits. You just want to check in and get their permission prior to your wedding so you are able to do it without getting in trouble. If they prohibit sparklers - ask if you can do an alternate like glow sticks, confetti bombs, lavender, bubbles, phone flashlights or another fun idea! (Pinterest has a ton). 

4. Tell Your Photographer Prior To The Wedding

Just send your photographer a quick message prior to your wedding, letting them know that you are planning to do this. Every photographer is different but we like to set up on - camera flashes for the exit and we also tend to do two sparkler exits. It is very uncommon for photographers to stay anywhere near the end of the wedding for a true exit and typically, doing sparkler exits before guests get too drunk is most ideal. Most of the time we do sparkler exits with 20 semi - sober guests earlier in the night which helps create the best photos. 

5. Half - Circle or Pathway?

There are two ways to set up sparkler shots: get all of your guests to half - circle around you while you stand in the center for the photos OR have your guests create a pathway for you to run under while they hold sparkers. If you do the pathway, you definitely need the long sparklers. We really like both set ups. Half - circles has less movement but the pathway shots look really cool (like a tunnel). Sparklers are pretty no matter the formation, so this isn't super crucial.