Are your photos dark + moody? How do you decide your editing style?

My approach for editing is to keep my colors rich, true to color and with some depth. I love getting the tones to be a bit more vibrant and with a little more contrast to really bring out the details.. but your photos will never be “dark” or “sad” looking. My editing is very consistent, I use the same process for every single session but what really determines it is location. If your location is a white building with lots of natural light - your photos will be brighter. If you have a dark ceremony lit by candles, it will edit darker by nature. 

I hate poses, can you help us?

The first few photos of your session will always feel awkward but by the end you’ll feel like a natural. I know exactly how hard it can be getting your photo taken. We like to give a blend of poses and actions - to capture your genuine emotions. If you get really bad nerves, feel free to bring some wine to your session, this tends to help people relax! I'm a really laid-back person and my goal is to make you and your signifiant other comfortable. Usually our grooms hate the camera more than the girls, and that's totally okay. We try to meet everybody where they are.

Are you licensed?

athornsphoto, LLC is a legal business licensed, contracted and insured in the state of Michigan. If your venue needs proof of insurance, just send me a message!

Will you travel?

Yes! We often travel all over the midwest for weddings but starting 2019/2020 we will be in Seattle, Banff and Jamaica for weddings. Take us anywhere, we love it. Travel fees are custom created for each wedding package.

When do I get my photos back?

Portrait sessions receive their photos about 3 weeks from the session date and weddings can expect their galleries 6-8 weeks from the wedding.

Can I have the unedited photos?

Unfortunately you cannot. You are hiring me for my style which all comes in the editing. Most people cannot even open or use the RAW files without the proper programs. My work is also contracted not to be re-edited. Giving the RAW files is like giving a restaurant giving you the ingredients to the meal, instead of making you the meal.

How do we get access to our gallery?

Everything is digital. I will give you an online, password-protected gallery which you can send and share to everybody. From there, you can access my print shop to order prints and you can download all of your images in their highest resolution. You have the right to post, print, and share your images as you please without any watermarking. 

How many images do I get?

Typically portrait sessions can expect 60-80 edited images and weddings can expect 500-700 edited images (depending on size).

Can you edit me a new body?

I can edit out your pimples but I cannot edit you a new body. I like to keep a natural approach to my editing and really capture life as I see it, in it’s most beautiful and authentic form. I promise to make you comfortable and meet you where your needs are during your sessions. I want to give you photos of yourself that you don’t want photoshopped, in a light you've never seen before.

Do you have reviews?

Yes! You can find them here or here.

Where do we book?

Fill out a contact form on my website and after a coffee date or skype call.. I will send you over the contract, forms and invoice! It's so important to be friends with my clients since I am the vendor you spend the most time with. I like to get coffee to see how we connect.