I’ve always appreciated crafts, diys, especially painters. I am mesmerized by paint. Recently, I have been addicted to resin pouring videos on Youtube. I have a bad habit of wandering through the school supplies aisle at stores for no apparent reason. I just really love art.

Does anybody else have a habit of trying to tackle on TOO many things? I have so many projects going on, so many crafts, so many photo ideas that I can’t finish. I’ve been told that I burn the stick at both ends, which might be a little bit true. But I don’t mind. I appreciate that I’m passionate about a lot of things.

It’s July. Month 7 of 2018. It’s the halfway mark between the start and end of the year. It’s the part of the year where the days reach their longest, only to start decreasing again. The first week of July is usually associated with all things summer. For wedding photographers, it’s the halfway point of wedding season. July doesn’t usually book as much as June, May, August, September or October does. Possibly because of the heat, summer vacations? Not sure exactly. But either way, it’s the halfway point.

For the artists on my social feeds, I know some part of this week is spent editing your backlog and/or at a photoshoot. Not bad, everybody has to work at some point this week. But I know a lot about burnout. I know how it feels to give, and give, and give all of our creativity day after day with triple booked shoots and double header wedding weekends. You might be a little tired right now.

To anybody reading this, a creator or not, be encouraged to take a moment for some self care. Whether it’s a nap, a movie, buying yourself some flowers, stopping at the park, going for a walk, petting an animal, taking a nice photo of yourself, taking a bath, lighting a candle, turning off your phone, cleaning your room, doing your neglected laundry, taking a drive.. whatever it may be. Do something for yourself. Feeling good right now? Do something kind for somebody else. Buy somebody’s coffee, pay it forward, order some flowers for a friend.

I had an entirely different blog post for this week, but as I ordered my coffee and tried to focus on some work, I noticed that I was feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed by life. In a great way. I have so much on my plate, everything I’ve ever dreamed of, and I love every ounce of it. But after my body forcing me to rest this week from being so sick, I wanted to encourage everybody to do something nice for themselves. 

It's so easy to be so hard on yourself. As an artist, nothing is worse than spending a lot of time on something that didn't come out as you wanted. It's easy to be your hardest critic, hating things that others see as beautiful. Don’t worry about the things you create being perfect, just enjoy the process. Don’t stress too much about the future, don’t feel so bad about what resolutions you didn’t fulfill in the first part of the year, just enjoy the journey. Don't compare yourself to those that pose their highlight reels on social media, seeming to have it all together. I hope July brings you a new slate, a new door to what the rest of 2018 has in store for your life. I hope you find grace, confidence and joy in this season. Baby steps are still progress and finished is better than perfect.