I procrastinated writing this blog because I get really sad when I think about how I'm not in Seattle right now. There aren't a ton of places that I could see myself seriously moving to one day, but Seattle is a place I could 100% see myself living. The entire state is so green, full of lush forests, SO many mountains, so much nature, beautiful blue water, beaches, a city on the water, SO MANY FLOWERS, fresh flower shops everywhere, coffee shops galore, the price of things is super cheap, SO much fresh food, markets everywhere. I am in love with Seattle. 

Why We Went: Some of you know the story about when Nick and I ventured to Portland to go help my Dad. Nick's first time on a plane, our first time traveling outside the midwest. It was terrifying and incredible at the same time. The night we got home we hung out with our best friends Zach + Meghan. We were telling them how incredible the PNW is and that they would love it. Minutes later, we impulsively booked flights to Seattle and split the trip in 4 ways to cut costs. It ended up being super cheap for all of us to go and a perfect time as everybody had something huge to celebrate that month (graduations, anniversaries, birthdays). A week prior to the trip, Zach asked me to go ring shopping as he wanted to propose on Cannon Beach. I cried and we bought a ring - making the trip that much more special.

Our Travel Recommendations (You can skip this if you don't need the details): We actually landed in Portland because doing a 2-city trip was cheaper. The most expensive part was renting a car because none of us are 25. We flew Alaska Airlines (I usually fly Delta but I actually love Alaska Airlines after this). After landing we got lunch at a Portland food truck. I enjoy Portland, it's like a city that hasn't left the 90s. However, there aren't a ton of touristy things to do there. I highly recommend checking out the food trucks (Food Truck Alley) and stopping by Portland Gear for some cool clothes. Otherwise, Oregon as a whole is incredible for nature. That evening is when we drove to Cannon Beach for the proposal. HIGHLY recommend going to Cannon Beach at sunset, it's unreal. Photos really don't explain how LARGE Haystack Rock is. The following day we drove to Mt. Rainier National Park and simply drove. A lot of the hiking was closed due to snow on the top of the mountains, the weather fluctuates HEAVILY depending on how high up you are. Always check how hard/weather related hikes are if you are trying to see a specific waterfall or viewpoint. One moment you'll be in 80 degree sunshine and if you drive up a little more, it's literally 20 feet of snow. We spent 8 hours driving Mt. Rainier, just stopping and taking photos all day. It was unreal with the fog, snow, rain, sunshine, blue water, trees and wildlife. It was only $25 to get in too. The following days we spent in Seattle + Skykomish. We stayed in multiple airbnbs, but our A - Frame airbnb was my favorite. We didn't eat out too much but rather cooked whatever we picked up at Pike Place Market. Some photos below will show the various nature, iconic gum wall, Pike Place Market and a lot of the nature in Mt. Rainier.

We left not seeing 95% of the things Washington has to offer. I actually didn't take as many photos as usual because I wanted to enjoy the moments more than capture them all but I thought this would be a nice preview of the trip! I hope you enjoy!