Loft 310 | Kalamazoo, Michigan

Typical weddings are booked a year or more out from the wedding date, but we booked Becky Jo + Keaton less than a month before their big day. How Becky Jo managed to pull 10 girls into her bridal party in such a short time is beyond me, but again.. look at those jumpsuits?! 

What I really loved about this wedding is that Becky Jo + Keaton found multiple ways to keep their wedding within a specific budget, without skimping out on the important stuff. They booked a beautiful venue & some pretty cool photographers. They kept it intimate, but still celebrated with their closest family & friends. (Tip: booking on a Sunday really helps with finding great deals on vendors.) Becky Jo had two dresses, Keaton had a surfer button up, they both have long golden hair & there was a donut (doughnut?) wall. I've wanted to work with Loft 310 since I seeing their pure white walls in an Instagram post not long ago. 

I hope you guys love these photos! This has been one of my most requested blogs! 

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Photos By: Autumn Thornsberry + Nick Najduk

Venue: Loft 310

Donuts: Sweet Waters Donuts

Videographer: Morgan Pohlad

Star Map Gift: Greater Skies