1. Please let us know if you liked your photos.

I wish I could tell you how many times we have anxiously delivered galleries only to hear absolutely nothing. I don’t think people do it to be mean, I think that they truly get so distracted by their photos that they forget to respond. After so many hours preparing for the wedding, photographing the wedding, and endless hours editing the wedding… we are SO EXCITED to deliver your photos. Really, I’m not just saying that. I wish I could watch you see your photos for the first time, that’s how eager we get. We just spent one of the biggest days of your life with you, capturing every moment. We want you hear your reaction. PLEASE let your photographer know how you felt about your photos!

2. We REALLY love control.

Hire a coordinator to help the day run smoothly, but let us be in control. I STRONGLY push for timeline planning with my couples. I’ve attended SO MANY weddings that I usually know what works and does not. We know when the light is best, how much time we need for your family & bridal party size, what locations to go to, etc. It’s so disheartening (and common) to arrive to a wedding and have that one person completely override the timeline we’ve created. They mean well, but end up getting in the way of photos. We are one of the only people at the wedding who spends literally, ALL DAY, with you.  Trust your photographer and try to keep them in the loop during the planning process.

3. Don’t plan candids.

I understand what you are asking for, I really do. The word “candid” is defined as “truthful”, it is a truthful moment. If you hand me a shot list of “candid photos” to capture, are they really candid? Let me know important aspects of your day (my grandfather’s bracelet, my mother’s ring, etc.) but don’t try to create moments, just LIVE in those moments. This is YOUR day, special and unlike anybody else’s. I show up to a lot of weddings where the brides ask for “candid moments” and actually try to set up these candid moments, defeating the purpose of candid. Just sit back and let us capture what is really happening.

4. Don’t put an Instagram filter over your photos.

This makes us so sad. It doesn’t happen often, but there’s always one person who throws filters over the edited photos. We spend literal hours editing each and every photo, one by one. We edit the colors, blemishes, tweak lighting, put our own style over it, etc. Having an Instagram filter thrown on top of it ruins the photo, and we don’t want our work represented like that. You essentially are hiring your photographer for THEIR style, so if their style isn’t what you prefer, find your perfect fit!

5. Please have an unplugged ceremony.

I use to not really care about unplugged ceremonies because I really didn’t think guests would actually stand in front of us, but I was wrong. I wish I could tell you how many times an aunt has put her iPad in front of the groom’s reaction or a mother has stood up in front of the bride, IN THE AISLE, for her iphone photo. (does reading this make you super angry? me too). I can’t fix that, and it’s really draining to try to compete with your uncle for who stands in the aisle for photos.

I would love to hear some other things that vendors wish that they could tell their clients! Feel free to comment below or message me! 

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