When I moved home from college I found a giant box of old printed pictures - the pictures that you would take on disposable cameras and get developed at CVS, often getting two copies of each print. I have SO MANY printed photos from the day I was born until about 10th grade. After 10th grade, I noticed that I stopped printing photos.

What I DID have was 3 old, cracked iPhones. In 10th grade was around the time I created my Facebook - I took so many photos on my phone and would post them to FB, never taking the time to print them. My memories and photos are all stored on these three phones, never seeing the light of day. This made me super sad because I have so much fun going through the box of endless prints from my childhood. Also, have you ever experienced the feeling of looking through somebody's old wedding album?! Imagine your grandchildren sitting around, looking at YOUR wedding albums. Really, we need to bring print back. 

As a business owner I should have been selling prints a while ago - but I just didn't want people to feel like I was constantly trying to push products on them. I still don't want people to feel that way BUT I DO want people to start printing again. I spent the last month creating a store that is integrated into everybody's gallery. From this point on, when you receive your photos, there will be a "store" option where you can go and create print packages, calendars, mini prints, ALBUMS(!!!), and you can even order paintings from us! I ordered samples of all of the products and I AM IN LOVE. I created this blog post with a breakdown and sample photos of each. 

NOTE: If you are a former client and would like your photos reuploaded to this gallery so you can order any of these products - just send me a message! 

1. PAINTINGS! - $250

Backstory: 2017 was our first year full time and as a thank you, we had these custom ordered paintings delivered to our couples who purchased our highest package for weddings. They had no idea, it was a complete surprise. Our beloved friend Meghan Jones is about to graduate from art school and we love nothing more than supporting our friends. She is also INSANELY talented. These are approximately 9 x 12 inches, hand painted, you can choose the photo (although we can help you decide which one would look best for painting). These are great as a gift for yourself OR a gift for your families. You could have a photo of you and your Dad dancing, a photo of your grandparents painted, your best friend, your child, etc. (Larger sizes can be requested.)



8x8 | 18 pages - $150

10x10 | 18 pages - $210

12x12 | 18 pages - $270

I have wanted to create albums for a really long time but honestly, most albums cost about $600+ to properly create. I FINALLY found a company that I really love and absolutely love the quality of the pages. You can design these yourself in the store, choosing the images and layouts. You can also purchase additional pages if needed. You could create these for your senior photos, your engagement photos (use it as a guest book!) and obviously, your wedding album. I'm in love with this sample album and I treasure it as if it's my own wedding album. I have went on Instagram live a few times to talk about it.. I STRONGLY encourage clients to buy these. (or guests can purchase as a gift for the couple!) 


3. Print Packs | 24 Prints 

5 x 5 - $5

4 x 4 - $3

These are cute, that's pretty much it. I love them. 



4 x 6 - $0.55

5 x 7 - $ 1.75

8 x 10 - $ 3.27

So these are standard, every day prints. They range in sizes but these are the 3 most requested sizes. The prices are very comparable to cheaper photolabs but also keep the quality and remain true to the colors that we intended during the editing process. For seniors - we have print packages that include wallet bundles (and can add your name!). Just inquire for those packages.