9 Things Brides Loved + Hated About Their Weddings

We surveyed some former brides on what they loved, and hated, at their weddings. I’m always so curious to talk to my couples after the wedding to hear their thoughts on the day. I feel like planning a wedding becomes a full time job for a while and then after the day is over… it’s like you gained a ton of free time you never knew you had!? I love hearing if brides wish that they did things differently, like the regret of spending so much on party favors after seeing so many left behind at the end of the night or if they wish they splurged more on real flowers instead of fake, etc. etc.

Below are some answers from real brides about their big days! 

1. “We served our guests their meals.”

This was my favorite answer because I have yet to see this at a wedding - I've never even thought of it before either! I’m sure if you have a large guest count this may be a bit tricky however, I love the idea of it. It gives you a chance to greet every guest, serve them and show them that you personally appreciate them being there.

2. “I wish I splurged on a better bra.”

This one was funny to me because you think about SO many things throughout the day that you end up forgetting some of the essentials- like bras. Depending on your dress, having the right bra or stickies can help for photos. Sometimes you can see bra lines in photos depending on the style of dress, so this was actually a great one! Plus, you just want to be comfortable. 

3. “I wish I invested in a videographer.”

This was the most common answer we hear. Videography is usually the last thing people invest in, and there are SO many options. You can invest in a cinematic, artistic videographer (Sight & Sound. we LOVE them, seriously just spend the day watching their wedding films.) or you could set a tripod up and have a friend film some clips throughout the day. We understand that videography isn’t in everybody’s budget but it is an expense that a lot of brides say they are so glad that they invested in.

4. “I am SO glad we had a small wedding.”

We love large and small weddings- it really depends on the type of person that you are. Smaller weddings help you to enjoy the moment more intimately with your friends & family, along with saving a bit of money. However, large weddings are great too because you get to bring everybody together and have a large celebration! Some families only get to meet up for special events so having a large wedding gives an excuse to get everybody together.

5. “We chose the first venue we saw and I wish we would have done more research.”

I have never been on this side of wedding planning before, choosing a venue. I did a blog post earlier about Michigan venues where I researched the venues as if I were a bride. It was fascinating to learn what all is included (or not included) per venue. I think that touring a venue and seeing how pretty it is in person makes you forget about staying open minded to other venues after the tour, so you instantly book. I think this is a super good tip to avoid impulsive buys!

6. “I wish I would have invested in two photographers.”

Our package will always include two photographers because quite frankly, I can do a wedding alone but I don’t want to. If I’m shooting wide, my second is shooting tight. If I’m getting the groom’s reaction- he is getting the brides. I think having two photographers is almost a necessity and that’s why every package of mine includes it. But for those looking at other photographers, I trust that your photographer is MORE than capable of shooting solo. It’s just extra security (and more diversity in your gallery) to have two! This is a good talk to have with your photographer.

7. “We hand-made everything and loved it, it gave us time to spend together while crafting.”

I thought this was really cute. I know that a lot of groom’s probably aren’t crafty or enjoy Pinterest and Target as much as the bridesmaids do.. But how cute is this idea!? It’s like a date-night that saves you money for your wedding!

8. “I wish I would have just purchased the suits instead of renting.”

I have never rented a suit but I have noticed when taking photos, they leave the price tags right on the front of the bags. I see that rented suits are often the same price as buying one… again, I dont know about every rental place BUT this is just another piece to look into while planning.

9. “I wish we would have eloped somewhere instead.”

I love weddings- big weddings, small weddings, elopements, courthouses.. all of it. Weddings are NOT for everybody and sometimes brides are pressured into having a big traditional wedding. You can book a flight + a photographer, head to a beautiful location and get married in the mountains/water/beaches/etc. for a FRACTION of the price. Weddings tend to involve so many people trying to make the day about themselves.. So if you have family that tends to do this, elopements are a GREAT alternative. (and photographers LOVE them.. and so do wallets.)


I would LOVE to hear what you loved about your wedding, or things you wish you did differently!