7 Favorite Michigan Wedding Vendors for 2018

As a wedding vendor I come in contact with a lot of vendors each week. I love being able to refer my couples to vendors who I feel can personally work as a team with other vendors. It’s crucial, for the flow of the day, for the vendors to work as a team. When one vendor is prohibiting another’s work, everybody is impacted.

Here is a small list of vendors I’ve personally worked alongside in 2018 who have really stood out to me by their work ethic, personalities and craft.

(Disclaimer: I do not put any vendors on this list that I have not worked with personally, and none of these are sponsorships of any sort. I didn’t do vendors for every category and there are many other vendors I adore - these are just a handful who really impressed me this year!)

Happy Planning!

1. DJ | Seth Michaels | https://www.michaelsentertainmentllc.com


Seth is enthusiastic and communicates heavily with photographers and videographers - he always gives warnings before something is going to begin so everybody can be prepared. Seth’s personality captivates the floor when he is announcing and he has a talent for reading the atmosphere of a room, knowing when to switch it up so everybody is enjoying themselves. A lot of venues have different layouts and acoustics - Seth is phenomenal at knowing exactly how to set up for a comfortable sound. His passion for audio and music is incredible.

2. Videographer | Sight & Sound Videography | https://www.sightandsoundvideography.com

Vanessa + Darryl are powerhouses for video. They are such a powerful team that it looks like they are doing a dance throughout the entire day, knowing exactly where to be for each shot and working together effortlessly. They push limits, take risks with creativity and are resourceful in their gear. I’m most impressed with how much gear and preparation video requires, but how gracefully they handle it all. Their videos capture the atmosphere of wedding days in such a cinematic art, nothing short of emotional.

3. DJ | Joey Arcilla | www.DJJOEYA.com

Joey is one of the kindest vendors I have ever met. He is sweet, passionate and genuinely cares about his couples. I love how attentive he is to detail and even dabbles in a bit of video for couples who don’t have videographers. He stays away from playing generic songs and knows how to collaborate with couples to truly throw a party. If you have a very energetic crowd, this is a great DJ!

4. Videographer | Phil Carter | philcarterfilms.com

I admire Phil’s minimalist approach to weddings. He typically is a solo shooter which is perfectly paired with my two person team. Phil’s radiant and super positive demeanor is exactly what you want alongside you on such a high energy day. Even if things get a bit chaotic, Phil knows exactly how to keep things flowing and gives you fun prompts to get your mind away from any chaos. His final videos are the perfect highlight reels to capture the essence of your day.

5. Hair Stylist | Sarah Heddleston | Facebook: Stay Gold Beauty Salon

I really love Sarah’s work because she really listens to her clients to get a vision on what they want for their day. She does an incredible job with using products that will last for a full wedding day. I also just love Sarah’s demeanor - hair and MUA are usually the first people you see in the morning and Sarah brings a calm atmosphere with her to start off your day. I also recommend her for any cut / coloring you might want prior to your big day.

6. DJ | Tony | www.cckingent.com

I absolutely love Tony’s personality for a DJ - I think that is super important when picking somebody to lead the flow of your reception. Tony is extremely kind and well-spoken but he is also very flexible with any timeline needs throughout the night. If you need to move something up or push it to a later time - he does so with a smile on his face. I love how incredibly sweet he is to guests and tentative he is to his clients and other vendors.

7. Videographer | Aaron | redbyrdcreative.com

Something I really appreciated about Aaron was his ability to direct and lead the way. As a videographer, it was really exciting to have somebody coming up with poses and prompts right alongside my own. Aaron has an ability to make couples who aren’t used to the camera feel really comfortable. Even on rainy days when things are going differently than planned Aaron is creative, flexible and is a quick thinker. He works really well as a team with photographers and I appreciate having somebody so outgoing to work with.

I hope you are able to use some of these vendors - for any that you inquire with, just tell them that Autumn sent you!