This winter wedding was incredible for several reasons- 

The venue! I love doing weddings all over Michigan, I’m absolutely in love with our state. The Upper Peninsula, the city, the Great Lake beaches… all of it. This wedding took place in Grand Rapids - for those who have never been to Grand Rapids it’s a super cute town (a small version of a city) with a young crowd, lot's of coffee shops and it's 40 minutes from Lake Michigan. I love the west side of the state.

This venue had three stories:

  • The top floor was a wide open room full of windows & brick. This was perfect for portrait sessions & intimate first looks. Virginia & Josh opted out of the first look but wanted to pray together, while blindfolded, instead.

  • The second floor was my favorite floor. It had a TON of victorian couches, chandeliers, wooden doors, colored walls, knick-knacks, etc. I really can’t describe it, but there were SO many colors & vintage decor. Guests loved it during cocktail hour.

  • The bottom floor is where the ceremony & reception was held. It was super spacious and can hold a lot of guests, although this wedding was very intimate and had under 100 guests (which we love). This floor had a lot of windows & lights, along with white brick which creates a great color palette for photos.

And finally, the couple. Virginia + Josh have selfless hearts for the Lord & a lot of love for each other. They included a foot-washing ceremony during their wedding to display humility & service to each other, it was something Jesus did during His days. They also had a donut bar, root-beer party favors and an incredible wedding party.

I really thought that January would be a slow month but we have had three incredible weddings to start our 2018 year with! 

Images by: Autumn Thornsberry + Nick Najduk