I LOVE these types of posts. I love seeing what other people carry with them, what other’s rooms look like, what apps are on their phone.

I have two bags- my camera bag and my satchel bag. My camera bag is small and consists of my camera, my Sigma ART 50 and usually a tighter prime lens. Depending on the shoot I’m headed to- I might throw in some smoke bombs, headpieces, glitter, etc. I really only have my camera bag on me during weddings/shoots so today I’m going to show you wants inside of my satchel bag that I carry daily!

For some reason I cannot edit at home… at all. Maybe it’s because I know that my bed is 10 feet away from desk and I can take a nap at any given moment or maybe it's because I love the hustle of a busy coffee shop (OR on a rainy day?! my aesthetic). As an ESFJ, I get VERY inspired by other people so being around them is the best way for me to work.

Which is why I have this bag! This isn’t my purse, this isn’t something I go shopping with or run errands with. I usually just pack it when I’m about to head for an editing day (so, everyday lol).

1. To start, this is what the bag looks like. It’s a Fjallraven bag. I love satchels + I love how much room this one has. 



2. So I have two notebooks- the blue one I found at Target. It’s a notebook inside of a soft, leather-type binding which closes with a zipper. I use this one strictly for business. Things I write in it are “brain dumps”, to-do lists, ideas, goals, podcast notes, if I learn a new skill and want to take notes, etc. I think the student in me wants to note-take everything so this helps me keep all of my business stuff organized rather than the 15 note pages in my phone. 


3. The second notebook is the floral one! I found this at Meijer. January 1st I started writing each day. I wake up, get some water, write for 10 minutes about the previous day/my thoughts/etc. and then I do a devotion on my phone (app: PocketFuel). I feel like 2018 has a lot of unknowns, along with being such an exciting year in my life, and I want to write about it so I can look back one day and remember some of the trials I overcame/my emotions. MAYBE one day I’ll be a famous photographer and I can look back at this journal to reflect on my first FULL year as a business & some of the scary parts of it. I also love this because I write about life, what I’m dealing with, the good, the bad, etc. It helps me wake up everyday and clear my thoughts. After I journal, doing the devotion refuels me.

4. The next thing I keep in my bag is my MacBook! I have a white + grey marble computer case that I bought from SlickCase (and a matching phone case!). I love my MacBook, I literally used to dream of having a macbook one day (pathetic, I know).

5. If I’m traveling, I’ll carry my Instax! I love this thing. I hope polaroids take over the world.


6. My Pelican case! I have THREE of these! We own probably over 50 SanDisk memory cards. I used to think that was excessive but with how many shoots we do, we probably will own over 100 after 2018.

7. My bible! My bible is a journaling bible, painted by my lovely friend Meghan. Reading the bible can be tough and this bible allows spaces on each page to color/journal/etc. I love it, it’s definitely made for the creative type.

8. My planner! I LOVE this thing. I found it at Michael’s, they have all sorts of covers + dividers (or you can order online). Each month has little pictures, quotes and colors. I use this thing every day to keep track of my bookings, due dates, bills, meetings, etc. etc. I have everything online as well, but I need to write things down.

Not pictured: harddrives, a TON of highlighters, pens, pencils, lipgloss, emergency eyeliner, headphones, Tylenol, chargers- you know, all of the boring important stuff.

I would love to hear what is in your bag!

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