Don’t get me wrong, I love the Cha-Cha Slide just as much as the next person but if I hear Justin Timberlake sing about sunshine in his pocket one more time I’m going to scream. (totally kidding).

I actually love when DJ’s play songs that everybody knows the words to because it allows us to capture tons of candid photos of guests harmonizing on the dance floor together. Who doesn't bond over Baby Got Back? 

BUT I thought I would make a list of suggested songs that are beautiful, untraditional, and not commonly played at all. These songs can be used for first dances, walking down the aisle or just to listen to as you plan the wedding of your dreams with the love of your life. :’) 


1. Look After You - The Fray

I LOVE this song. 11/10. I always said that this will be the song I dance to at my wedding. I feel like this song puts me in a trance, the lyrics get to me every time. Isaac Slade of The Fray wrote this song for his girlfriend at the time, who later became his wife, finally letting her know how he felt.

2.  Powerful - Major Lazer + Ellie Goulding (acoustic version or standard). 

I've always been drawn to really raw vocals (The Fray, Ellie, Andy Hull). I love when voices crack, when you can hear a lot of range and emotion within an artist. I have always loved Ellie Goulding for her Halcyon album (because it was her saddest lol) and which she released this song I LOVED it. She recently started making more music focused on love and this song is just SO COOL. We actually had one of our couples dance to this song at their wedding and it was my favorite one yet. There are some INCREDIBLE acoustic versions on Youtube of it as well. It's a perfect first dance song.

3. The Blower’s Daughter - Damien Rice

I found this song on MySpace a super long time ago (pc4pc?) and I just have always kept it on my playlist. It’s a really calming acoustic love song that elevates as the song goes on. It’s beautiful, I feel like it should be in a movie while a couple is chasing each other in a field at sunset. Just wait for the ending, it’s so pretty.

4. Sweat - RY X

I found RY X about a year ago. I remember the first song I found by him was "Berlin" and I was laying in my dorm room CRYING it was just so gentle + beautiful. I listen to his music constantly while editing because it helps set the mood for editing whimsical weddings. I love his entire album and this song is easy to get lost in. 

5. Tessellate - Ellie Goulding

I'm not sure how easy this song would be to slow dance to but it's just so beautiful I wanted to include it. The lyrics don't make a ton of sense and that's exactly the way I like my music. Maybe a good song to play during dinner? 

6. A Case of You - James Blake

This song makes me emotional. There really isn't a song I don't like by James Blake. His music has so many sounds to it and this is by far one of his best love songs. I feel like they will play this song in Grey's Anatomy one day during a super depressing love scene and Shonda will ruin it for me forever. 

7. Always Ending in You - Polyenso

This song probably wouldn't be easy to dance to but I LOVE Polyenso. This is more of an up-beat song. Polyenso has a lot of feel - good music (Let It Go is another REALLY good love song, probably my favorite). I just love it. 


Please leave your favorite love songs in the comments!