Being a Photographer As Told By Spongebob

Happy Holidays + Merry Christmas to everybody this week! You know that feeling when you love Christmas and love gift-giving but you took too long to finish your Christmas shopping so you have to last-minute shop and you don’t want to buy everybody a candle but you can’t afford to spend $500 on each person like they deserve so you just walk around Target a few times only to leave with glittery wrapping paper but no gifts to wrap them in???? I started my shopping in October (I know, overachiever) but I had to run out for a few last minute things. I digress. 

ANYWAYS, this week I wanted to write something light + happy and there aren’t many things that I love as much as a solid Spongebob reference. My hidden talent is finding a way to reference to Spongebob in almost any life event so this week's post is being a photographer as told by Spongebob! This post is also dedicated to my college best friend Angela Brown, who is in fact, the queen of Spongebob references. Enjoy! 

1. Trying to learn a new piece of equipment.


2. When you're at a wedding and a guest shows up with a DSLR.

dirty dan.gif

3. After pulling a 14-hour editing session.


4. When you finally get a chance to sit down and eat at a wedding.


5. When people ask what presets you edit with.


6. Trying to scout out new locations for a photoshoot.


7. Me after leaving a senior session.


8. Teaching a new second shooter how to use something.


9. When clients ask if their photos are finished.


10. Trying to get out of bed the day after a wedding.


11. When the entire day ran behind schedule but you and your second shooter still captured everything and survived.

saved it.gif

12. After pinning a boutonniere on the groom. 

pretty girl.gif

13. Trying to blend in and take candids of the guests while they dance.