When Becca inquired with me her guest count was 6 and her location was, “anywhere we could find in the park by trees”. I instantly knew that this was going to be one of my favorite weddings of the year.

     I think that a lot of people are having traditional weddings just because it is what seems normal. Some people do it because it truly is their dream- but so many times we hear “my family really wants a wedding.” So the couple ends up spending tens of thousands of dollars on venues, flowers, catering, dresses, makeup, etc. etc. etc. just to please somebody else. 

    I love when people ditch the traditions to make it their own - especially when they include things that have symbolic meaning or incorporate their personalities. For this wedding, Becca & Chad kept some of the traditions (hair, makeup, first look with her dad, reception) but ditched others (a formal ceremony venue, high guest counts, bridal party).

     Not only are Becca + Chad two of the nicest people in the entire world, ever, but they gave me full creative control - completely trusting me to choose the spot for the ceremony, giving us almost two hours for portraits, allowing me to adjust the reception timeline as needed, etc.

     They concluded the night by having a backyard reception with 60 of their closest friends & family. I loved this aspect because it included the celebration part with friends & family but allowed the ceremony to be intimate and small.

     I love the large, elegant, traditional weddings in fancy venues but I also love when couples get married somewhere untraditional - in the woods, in the water, or on a mountain. I hope these photos inspire you!