As we are entering the final month of 2017 I decided to do a few blog posts on my top 10 favorite photoshoot moments- this week I’m starting with seniors. This year, for those who didn’t know, I graduated from college with my bachelor’s degree in May. The week I moved home I decided to license my photography business. I assumed I would do some other job on the side but God had different plans for me. This photo situation became my full-time job and I have been booked every. single. day since I graduated. I LOVE weddings, I love portraits, I love music photography…. but one of my goals this year was to book more seniors. As soon as the school year began, seniors started flooding in. The best part was that majority of them were from my home town of Garden City!

     I’m not really sure what happened to awkward moments, bad haircuts and girls who didn’t know how to match their foundation (aka me in high school)… but this year’s class of seniors were contoured, dressed with thigh high boots, cold shoulder shirts and the prettiest hair I’ve ever seen. Seriously, my seniors this year were absolutely stunning… such beautiful people on the inside and out.

     Disclaimer: This post is not my “favorite seniors” of the year… these are about some of my favorite senior MOMENTS creatively (I had 40 photos chosen originally, this took me so long to decide on just 10. I hope you enjoy!)

  1. Emily | GCHS

So let’s just start with the most talked about senior photo that I took this year, if not ever. Emily told me that she wanted something different for her photos, something that didn’t blend in with all of the traditional poses. This was one of my first senior sessions of the year and so I told her to bring an outfit she didn’t mind getting wet. We originally started with her sitting in a chair in the water… but that wasn’t enough. I told her to keep walking out until she was neck deep in the water (as was I, with my camera). After doing an entire set of photos neck deep in water, we had her just completely go underwater for some cool experimental shots. After posting sneak peeks for this session, my entire social feeds blew up.


     2. Eden | GCHS

So this shot is in my top favorite moments because it was one that I felt so stupid doing. We were on top of a parking garage, capturing her with the sun behind her, overlooking Ann Arbor. I asked her to lay down on a parking spot and kick her feet up against the wall. Such an awkward pose… but after I took the photo I was so excited. Sometimes the poses that feel most awkward are actually the ones that work best.


     3. Sarah | Dundee

It was the end of summer and wildflowers were blooming like crazy. I never did an upside down shot before, but after seeing how radiant Sarah’s outfit & hair were… I decided to ask her to lay down while I put the wildflowers in her hair. This pose has now become one of my favorite shots.


     4. Serinity | GCHS

So the seasons changed! Just like senior moment #3- the summer version.. we decided to do fall leaves for Serinity. Serinity was one of our most excited seniors (and her mother <3) and I wanted to give her something that I haven’t done for anybody else before. She had such long hair and the color was perfect for a fall photo. Again, one of my favorite shots yet.


     5. Mia | North Farmington

I LOVE white marble. I have a white marble journal, phone case and laptop case. I especially love the DIA. I also LOVE gold sequins (or any glitter for that matter) so when Mia said she had a gold sequin dress and we were by the DIA… I already knew that this was going to be one of my favorite photos. I love the elegance to this photo. It was one of those moments where the outfit & location blended perfectly.


     6. Lindsay | PCA

So Lindsay was really set on a fall photoshoot and it was one of those Michigan weeks where it was 50 degrees one day and 90 the next. Her session was booked to be a fall session (as you can tell by the thick sweater) but it ended up being about 95 degrees that day. I loved this moment because no matter how many times I use this parking garage, it always has something new to offer. I never used the stairwell before, the light was shining in perfectly AND you can’t even tell it was 95 degrees here.


     7. Josh | GCHS

Josh had a really cool style to him. We did the traditional senior smiling photos but at the end of his session, I wanted to do some serious/smoke photos. I know smoke bombs can be overdone (shoutout to myself for overdoing them) but I just had a vision in my head. His outfits, his expression and the pop of blue made this photo one of my favorites.


     8. Lilly | GCHS

So Lilly was the first seniors I photographed to have a dress like this. It seriously was one of my favorite senior outfits of all time. I encourage everybody to go out and buy this type of dress/short combo because they are so cute, they photograph incredible, and I just love them.


     9. Emily | GCHS

I wish I could tell you how much money I have spent this year at accessory stores just buying props for seniors. I bought this giant flower crown, a diamond headband and some other headpieces for seniors. I keep them all in the car during sessions and during Emily’s session I decided to put this on her head. I’m not sure if she loved or hated it, but I absolutely LOVE this photo. Again, it’s such a cool feeling when you have a small vision in your mind and it comes to life. I wish you all could see the notes section in my phone and how many random photo ideas I have written down for the future.


     10. Amanda Kesson | GCHS

I had a phone call with Amanda prior to her session and on the phone she had such a mature, sweet demeanor. When I met her, her personality just radiated. She was so sweet, had such a beautiful smile and just so easy to talk to. In between her photos her told me that her mother had just passed away 2 weeks prior and my heart absolutely broke. This was one of my top senior moments for me because it reminded me exactly why I do what I do. Not just to make a living, not just to take photos... but for this business to be my ministry. I want people to feel like my sessions can be a safe place for them, a moment to spend on themselves despite what else might be going on in their life. An hour or two where I can just uplift them and remind them how beautiful they are, where I can take photos of them in a way that they have never seen themselves before. It’s easy to take a photo, but it takes creativity to capture people in ways that suites THEM personally. This senior session was one of my last for 2017 and it reminded me exactly why I love my job so much.