I Hired a Photographer but I Hate Myself In Photos

     Have you ever had a friend take a photo of you and you absolutely despise it? Have you ever taken a selfie and realized you took fifty near-identical photos.. only to sorta-kinda like ONE of them? What about when you walk past a mirror and catch yourself off-guard with the light hitting your double chin JUST right. Or let’s talk about the way we look when we are sitting at the hairdressers and they put that cape over us… we have never been so ugly before.

     In retrospect, have you ever had those days where you honestly wonder why you haven’t been a model all of your life? Where you feel like your outfit fits your body just right and BOTH of your eyebrows decided to match today. When you take a selfie that needs to go on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram AND Twitter..

     This is real, this is totally real and I believe that 90% of people feel it. So what happens when you get your wedding photos back and you see angles of yourself that you have never seen before? I have never had a photographer follow me around all day, taking candids of me for 12 hours straight, so I can only imagine how I would feel when I saw the final product.

     I wanted to write this post as a reminder to everybody that there will always be photos you love and photos you hope nobody ever sees again. When I am editing photos- I see somebody absolutely glowing from their smile but I know that they are going to hate their teeth, arms or stomach in the photo. I keep it anyways because one day, when your grandchildren are looking at these photos they are only going to pay attention to that same glowing smile that I saw.

     Angles and lighting are SO real. Seriously, pull out your phone and take a photo of yourself from below the chin.. not only do you have a double chin- but your double chin’s double chin came over too. Now hold the phone above your head, your jawline has never been so chisseled. Lighting and angles 110% impact the way you look. Obviously a good photographer is trained to work with these angles and lighting- but sometimes there are obstacles that photographers cannot work around.

     Do not let one photo kill your self esteem. Although photos tell a million words- they sometimes miss the way that you light up the room when you walk in, they sometimes miss the sparkle in your eye when you smile, they sometimes miss the shimmer in your smile when you see the one you love. Stay confident and remember that you are absolutely beautiful.

     You would think as a photographer that I would have a thousand cool photos but unfortunately I don’t. One of my goals for 2017 was to have more confidence and I do believe that I have reached that goal to an extent, but every time my best friend takes my photo- I get so nervous. It takes a few minutes for me to relax, he usually has to quote Spongebob to get a real smile from me, and then I can ease into it. I have JUST started getting better at serious expressions and learning to love myself when I’m in mid laugh. I’ll attach some photos below to show you guys some photos that I love AND hate.

     But seriously- I hope this message reminds you that you are not alone, you are NOT ugly, have some body positivity no matter what side of the spectrum you are on, and to remember that you are absolutely beautiful. Really.